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Ramona Baxter

Ramona Baxter

Ramona Baxter is an author and speaker known for her entrepreneurship and inventive spirit. Born with an innate curiosity and a drive to make a difference, Ramona has built three dynamic businesses, always drawn to the world of invention and radical solutions. Throughout her career, she has created and even patented ideas that have revolutionized their respective industries. Wherever she has seen a need, like childcare for single mothers in school, she finds a formula–no matter how crazy it may seem!

Passion & Resilience

Ramona's life is a testament to the power of passion and the resilience of the human spirit. After experiencing a true recovery miracle firsthand, she has become a powerful resource for anyone seeking inspiration, guidance, and a path toward freedom from addiction. As a mother of four and grandmother of four, and fairy dogmother of three, Ramona continues to inspire others to embrace their magic and unleash their inner superhero.

Mother wtih children



Discover the transformation possible within yourself. 

Ramona's memoir is a captivating yet profound read that will have you asking yourself, "What is possible for me?"

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