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Give Your Inner Warrior Wings In The Street Fight of Life

With unparalleled honesty, she fearlessly exposes her most shameful moments to reveal a universal truth: we have all faced unexpected challenges that have tested our strength.

In this gripping narrative, Ramona takes readers on a deeply personal exploration of addiction, navigating the complexities of hiding her struggles while yearning for freedom and redemption. Through vivid storytelling and introspection, she delves into the depths of despair, shining a light on the internal battle between her addiction and her desire for a life unburdened by secrets.

As Ramona recounts her journey, she lays bare the harsh realities of addiction, offering an unfiltered perspective on the consequences, the heartbreak, and the relentless pursuit of recovery. With candor and vulnerability, she unveils the layers of her own transformation, demonstrating the immense power of self-reflection, forgiveness, and the unwavering human spirit.

In this powerful and raw memoir, Ramona unflinchingly shares her journey as a closeted addict and the remarkable miracle that finally set her free.
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As you can tell by the title, this is not your run-of-the-mill light reading. This is meant to be an engaging, transformational self-help memoir that rawly expresses the crazy machinations of a closet addict and the astonishing miracles that could free her. Through self-deprecating humor, it teaches the value and power that can be gained from our darkest moments. 


For me, life often resembled a street fight after I shattered the bulletproof bubble of my upbringing. Clueless and unyielding, it was a battle for survival. Life, akin to a street fight, demands confidence beyond measure. We all wear our bravest faces, navigating through new challenges with bluffs. Ultimately, victory belongs to those who refuse to surrender. It's not always about intelligence or wisdom in the beginning, but about the unwavering grit to endure and find solutions amidst the struggle. A big part of that is ultimately embracing humility and absorbing the profound lessons that life eagerly offers based on our actions.You might think “embracing humility” is contradictory to “unwavering grit.” It’s been my experience that both were crucial in my life. 


I'm writing to a reader who is no stranger to intense emotional pain but is primed for deep personal growth. I shine a light on my most shameful experiences in order to proclaim that while our pain can be crippling at times, that pain in retrospect can provide inspiration and solutions. I want my readers to find and live their most spectacular version of life.


I call the badass in me a “Winged Warrior” because she’s a Superhero. And right now, that’s exactly how I feel. . .like a Superhero! When you’re on the playground–and about to get your ass kicked. . .wouldn’t you want a badass on your side? In my sadness, I found strength. In my pain, I found power.

Note to my reader:

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