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Ramona’s Top 10 Principles to Live By

Updated: Feb 24

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Become somebody's #1 “You’re fucking awesome!” fan

(especially your own!)

I challenge you to take on this role for every child, spouse, friend or beloved pet in your life. Make it a point to shout aloud to the world what you love about them. If you are your own #1 fan first and foremost, it will become much easier to show up for others. 

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Summon courage!

Yeah, this is hard, but you know what's worse? Sitting in the aftermath of a trial and realizing you acted out of fear. To this day, I take opportunities to speak with my adult children, to acknowledge and validate the pain I caused them when I checked out of my life. Even as adults, it’s vital for them to know that they were always worthy of my love. 

It's important to create a space where you can communicate with those you love by owning your inactions and bravely asking for forgiveness.

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Rise above it!

This one is all about our exes. Getting along with them is a choice. . .a big one. When I decided to actively put my love for my children in front of my pride, I discovered that a peaceful life isn't only possible but is realistically wonderful. That's why I invite you to learn how to praise your ex-spouse at any given opportunity. This kindness might feel out of your comfort zone, but set the intention over and over, keep it constant, and don't give up. Your kids are part of your ex-spouse, and they will feel your energy personally. . .negative or positive. So keep it positive!

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Embrace new forms of treatment to facilitate healing!

If you have endured childhood trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression, grief, or self-confidence issues, I encourage you to explore the possibilities of ketamine therapy. It has been transformative for me. The self-love and sense of wholeness I have cultivated are ten times more potent than any love I have experienced from another person. I feel complete and solid in my own being. I urge you to engage with a professional to explore whether this could be a powerful tool for your own journey.

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Bring it on!

Seriously, my friends, there's nothing better than a true badass who refuses to be afraid of life's challenges. Every shit storm that comes your way is an opportunity for growth. Do your best to see it that way. Numbing out to difficult situations doesn’t get you through them, it simply keeps you stuck exactly where you are. Face the terror and fear head on. You “will” get through it, and become a stronger, more capable person to take on the next obstacle.

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Every day, write it down!

Make it a daily practice to journal about the things you want in your life. Write from a point of simply appreciating each item on your list, like you’ve had them for years. You will be amazed at the things you can manifest. Remember Einstein’s quote: “Everything is energy, and that is all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.

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Get back up!

Failure is a part of life. Don’t let it define you. Most successful people have failed more times than they have succeeded. Failure is simply a way of learning how “not” to do something. It’s a necessary part of success.

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Erase the stigma!

Shaming yourself or a loved one for being an alcoholic is no different than shaming yourself or anyone else for having any other disease. Healing from this disease is hard and takes time. Fact: the alcohol epidemic is literally ten times bigger than the opioid epidemic. It has to be taken head-on, and I know it will be the fight of your (or their) life. Here is the link again to connect with invaluable resources:

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Carve out your own path!

We were put on this earth to have our own experience, not the experience our parents told us to have. Lose any beliefs that keep you stuck in an unsatisfactory life. Focus on seeking out joy every day instead. When you take on this new perspective, you will find what resonates with you. You might even circle around and have a stronger conviction to be right where you started, because it will be something you gave yourself the freedom to choose. Whatever it is will feel wonderful because “you” chose it.

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All you need is love!

Give your children unconditional love. This means allowing them to fail and learn from their mistakes, teaching them through example, and respecting their individual paths. When we meet our maker, if we have lived a life of unconditional love toward our family and fellow human beings, I personally don’t think we have anything to worry about.

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